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15th October 2009

15 Oct

I thought it a bit tedious to keep this as a daily blog so I’ve left it a few weeks. My hands have made a slight improvement, although to most people they still look terrible and raw.  I’ve been trying not to use the steroid creams – I just don’t like what they do to my skin long term so have been applying the Eucerin cream as much as possible when it itches.

I’ve had a few times where I’ve had a good few days, not terrible itching and the blisters have disappeared but its usually followed by a really itchy night where I end up attempting to tear my skin off in my half-concious state. Unfortunately this sets my skin healing back a few weeks, I know this but sometimes it is just so overwhelming I can’t help it. I usually find getting up, plunging my hands in freezing cold water is the answer. I’m not sure if it’s the shock of the water temperature or teh fact that I’ve broken the ‘must scratch’ cycle in my mind, but it seems to calm it down for a bit. Then I whack on the cream and try and get a few more hours shut eye.

I’ve signed up to BUPA via work, am awaiting my number so that I can phone my doctor, go see him and ask very nicely to see the speciliast at the local hospital…