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21st September 2010

21 Sep

Once again, it’s been a little while since I’ve done a blog but I’m happy to report things are still going well!

My hands were pretty my 98% clear but I had a holiday recently and was painting for a week so I did expect to see patches and get a little itchy. I was also halving my dose in the same week, so really – it’s not been that bad. Continue reading

24th June 2010

24 Jun

Today has been hard. I woke up at 4am this morning, burning hot and had been scratching my hand without really noticing what I was doing (being only half awake) but as soon as I was out of bed I plunged them into cold water to try and relieve the itching. It worked and I got back to sleep but the damage was already done.

They have been so sore today – the skin on my hands feels really raw, weak and tender yet still really itchy. Overall they look better and would look really good if it wasn’t for my 4am wake up call.

I’ve been slapping on the moisturing cream today as well – I almost went through a whole tube of Simple Derma Hand Cream – just to try and stop me from scratching them. Its so hard. I’ve had a bit of a stressful morning too and when I went ot the gym at 2pm, my blood pressure was high. It probably isn’t helping.

I had some dinner and afterwards I was baking again, I tried using a salt hand bath. The effects lasted about 15 minutes and I was still burning up. I decided to stick my feet in a very cold bath, but felt like I was heating the water up and it was having little effect. When my boyfriend returned home, he noticed how hot I felt so we’ve been sat on the balcony trying to cool down (which has worked a little) but I’m expecting a very unpleasant evening.

My funny rash also flared up this evening, so I’ve had another antihistamine. Just got to wait for it to take effect.

I really want to get through this and not cause any more damage. I want to make it to Saturday so I can discuss with my Chinese doctor – see if he can help again. I feel like every time I’m so close to having my hands getting to a good stage something like this happens and it all goes back to being horrid.

I’m still going to stick at the Chinese stuff, I think I need to give it more time. After all, he’s trying to balance me out and fix the problem – not offer a temporary solution.  I might ask about acupuncture.

For those who suffer – how do you cope with the mental conflict of not scratching? Do you sometimes feel a little insane like me?!

12th June 2010

12 Jun

I’ve been seeing the Chinese doctor for just under a couple of months now. I was getting some really good progress and a few weeks ago I had a bit of a set back and my skin got a little worse. We’ve been trying different herbs, depending on the symptons and today I just got some really strong ones!

I have a problem with being too hot – sometimes I can wake up in the early hours burning hot and desperate to cool down.  The new herbs are stronger and he’s trying to cool me down!

I’ve been a little worried with a feeling of sickness I’ve been getting. I think it might be the herbs, they’re not the best taste and I think sometimes they can leave me feeling a bit sick. Not to the point where I would ever throw up, but enough to give me that mild feeling of nausea.

The doctor suggested I watch out about 10 days before my period – see if my conditions get worse.

Other things I’m trying that you might want to try yourself…

  • Sea Salt Baths – As I dont live by the sea, I’ve got some sea salt (the organic stuff) as my doctor said this is very good for skin. I mix some into a bowl and soak my hands for about ten minutes (have something on hand to keep you occupied!) This works really nicely when I want to scratch – it helps for a good couple of hours.
  • Flaxseed Oil (Linseed) – I’ve just ordered some capsules. I’ve heard they’re good for skin conditions (and they have a whole heap of other benefits too) so I’ll let you know how these go.
  • Homemade Creams – Depending on where you stuffer with your eczema, these creams looks lovely. She’s made some for washing your hair to treating your dry areas. Psoriasis and Eczema recipes.

Today’s image is my thumb – this is actually the main problem area, which even as bad as it is, I only need to look back a month and remember how much of an improvement this is.

Saturday 8th May 2010

8 May

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated so I have a little bit to talk about!

I saw a consultant earlier this year for some patch testing to see if the eczema is caused by anything in particular (although I have always been sceptical that its a reaction to something due to the way it comes about). The test lasted just over 48 hours and after that time you self-assess what looks like a reaction.

When I saw the consultant afterwards for a follow up he gave me a list of things it was likely to be that was causing my eczema. I don’t have the names of the chemicals to hand but they covered a huge range of things like cinnamon, perfume, body wash, toothpaste, some rubbers, some plastics….basically it covered almost anything in our modern life.

I asked the doctor if this showed the reaction to my eczema or to my dermographism – he said that it only shows my eczema results. I find this difficult to understand due  the fact that my eczema is on my hands only and this test was done on my back (one of the areas the dermographism affects) but he didn’t want to discuss it any further. After all that hope of someone helping me, I felt pretty deflated again and after further check ups with him all he could tell me was to avoid everything on the list and to have good hand hygiene.

So I have turned to trying Chinese medicine.

In this time I have also relocated, I now live in Bristol and have a new job (part of me was hoping the new job and new environment might see a cure but it didn’t!). I’ve been seeing the Chinese doctor for around 6 weeks and I have another check up later today.

In this time I haven’t been using anything to treat my hands, no steroids or prescription creams. I have been drinking a herbal tea 3 times a day and I have a cream to help keep any wounds clean, this isn’t to be used all the time but helps keeps the infection out when the skin is broken.

The tea isn’t nice at all! It was quite hard to drink initially, but I treat it like a large shot – down in one! Initially it did make my stomach a little funny and I was making more frequent trips to the bathroom! But after discussing this with the doctor, he lowered my dose a little and my insides seem fine (in fact its all a little better than it was before). He also takes my pulse and looks at my tongue – he’s able to tell me when my period was and that I recently had heartburn (very strange indeed!).

The worse part of my hands were the palms, the skin was very broken and sore and just seemed to crack more and more, about 2 weeks after drinking the tea the cracks have healed and now the are a little dry but making a full recovery. Unfortunately, the webs of my fingers are a bit broken and sore – I know this is partly my fault as I have scratched. But, as anyone who suffers knows – sometimes you just cave in.

So this is currently the state of my hands:

23rd October 2009

23 Oct

Having just read Mark’s comment, I really feel for him. I know how much I suffer with my hands but to have it covering that much of your body must be terrible. As he said, lets hope my updates can offer some help.

Currently I am on Flucloxacillian capsules, I was told byt the doctor that my hands are infected and so that needs to clear up first. I’ve then been given a strong steriod cream to take for 5 days, but thats not to start until tomorrow. I think its due to a combination of the tablets and steroids. My hands do look a little better, I think its a combination of a few things. The infection clearing, my will power getting better and the colder weather. I’m trying very hard not to scratch but occasionally I do find myself rubbing my hands against my jeans or drying my hands that little bit of extra time for the pleasurable feel of the gentle scratching it provides. It is really naughty to do so, but sometimes you just need that satisfaction.

I do find that my desk at work gets covered in my skin. It’s pretty horrid and can be embarrassing if anyone sees – I’m always cleaning it multiple times a day. There isnt anything I can do though, it just flakes off. I’ve been using the Eucerin as my main mosituriser and I’ve been using less of it. Im worried that completely coating my hands everytime might not be the best thing. It does mean my hands get a little drier than I’d like, but it does seem to be that less is more with this stuff. Which is a bonus because these prescriptions really start to add up!

Im not drinking alcohol at the moment, due to the antibiotics I’m taking, so no more alcohol tests at the moment! I have been getting my other rash back though – ive had to take more clarytin than i’d like too recently, I can’t seem to work out what on earth the rash is or why I get it but when thats itching and my hands are itching I feel there is no peace, I feel like I’m always scratching or thinking about it most of the day. I’m sure it drives my boyfriend crazy.

I havent been feeling too great today, Im not sure if its being caused by the antibiotics – I just have a really bad stomach. I’m keeping my foods simple at the moment too. I dont think I have a food allergy, but after seeing the Chinese Doctor, I’m trying to keep the hots that cause my body to heat up to a minimum.

I’ll see how the steroid cream works and if there is no improvement I’ve been told I can see a specialists.

Update and more photos soon.

1st October 2009

1 Oct

Today I am super miserable. My hands are very sore and very itchy and nothing seems to be helping them. I woke up at 2am this morning, hot and very itchy so I tried really hard not to scratch (as they’re currently very sore and the skin is raw) so I smothered them in cream, put on the gloves, separated my hands….nothing would stop the itching. My other trick is to plunge them into cold water for a few minutes until my hands get so cold they almost feel numb, but this only lasted for a few minutes until the itching was back again. It is like some kind of lengthy torture…

I had to take picture on my iphone today, so they’re not that great but as  you can see there is far more redness on the fingers. Today I am signing up to my company’s BUPA scheme so I can walk into the doctor and as to see a specialist.

Fingers crossed today goes well…