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Friday 25th September 2009

25 Sep

No new creams applied yet, I won’t get to start those until next week (pay day) so just an update on using the Urea cream and being sensible! Another itchy attack about 2am this morning…I tried to be good….I covered my hands in cream and put on my white gloves (I’m glad it’s dark at that time). I must have stared at the ceiling for a good twenty minutesĀ  before I cracked and had to give them a rub. Even with the rubbing I was trying to be restrained but sometimes it’s just too hard to ignore it.

Pretty similar state as yesterday but there are a lack fo blisters at the moment, just red, scaly skin that flakes off (sorry if you’re eating!). I’ve been told to try salt baths for my hands…I might give that a go this weekend if they flare up.

I’m away this weekend so the next update will be i na few days. Fingers crossed for some improvement.