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Saturday 8th May 2010

8 May

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated so I have a little bit to talk about!

I saw a consultant earlier this year for some patch testing to see if the eczema is caused by anything in particular (although I have always been sceptical that its a reaction to something due to the way it comes about). The test lasted just over 48 hours and after that time you self-assess what looks like a reaction.

When I saw the consultant afterwards for a follow up he gave me a list of things it was likely to be that was causing my eczema. I don’t have the names of the chemicals to hand but they covered a huge range of things like cinnamon, perfume, body wash, toothpaste, some rubbers, some plastics….basically it covered almost anything in our modern life.

I asked the doctor if this showed the reaction to my eczema or to my dermographism – he said that it only shows my eczema results. I find this difficult to understand due¬† the fact that my eczema is on my hands only and this test was done on my back (one of the areas the dermographism affects) but he didn’t want to discuss it any further. After all that hope of someone helping me, I felt pretty deflated again and after further check ups with him all he could tell me was to avoid everything on the list and to have good hand hygiene.

So I have turned to trying Chinese medicine.

In this time I have also relocated, I now live in Bristol and have a new job (part of me was hoping the new job and new environment might see a cure but it didn’t!). I’ve been seeing the Chinese doctor for around 6 weeks and I have another check up later today.

In this time I haven’t been using anything to treat my hands, no steroids or prescription creams. I have been drinking a herbal tea 3 times a day and I have a cream to help keep any wounds clean, this isn’t to be used all the time but helps keeps the infection out when the skin is broken.

The tea isn’t nice at all! It was quite hard to drink initially, but I treat it like a large shot – down in one! Initially it did make my stomach a little funny and I was making more frequent trips to the bathroom! But after discussing this with the doctor, he lowered my dose a little and my insides seem fine (in fact its all a little better than it was before). He also takes my pulse and looks at my tongue – he’s able to tell me when my period was and that I recently had heartburn (very strange indeed!).

The worse part of my hands were the palms, the skin was very broken and sore and just seemed to crack more and more, about 2 weeks after drinking the tea the cracks have healed and now the are a little dry but making a full recovery. Unfortunately, the webs of my fingers are a bit broken and sore – I know this is partly my fault as I have scratched. But, as anyone who suffers knows – sometimes you just cave in.

So this is currently the state of my hands: