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24th June 2010

24 Jun

Today has been hard. I woke up at 4am this morning, burning hot and had been scratching my hand without really noticing what I was doing (being only half awake) but as soon as I was out of bed I plunged them into cold water to try and relieve the itching. It worked and I got back to sleep but the damage was already done.

They have been so sore today – the skin on my hands feels really raw, weak and tender yet still really itchy. Overall they look better and would look really good if it wasn’t for my 4am wake up call.

I’ve been slapping on the moisturing cream today as well – I almost went through a whole tube of Simple Derma Hand Cream – just to try and stop me from scratching them. Its so hard. I’ve had a bit of a stressful morning too and when I went ot the gym at 2pm, my blood pressure was high. It probably isn’t helping.

I had some dinner and afterwards I was baking again, I tried using a salt hand bath. The effects lasted about 15 minutes and I was still burning up. I decided to stick my feet in a very cold bath, but felt like I was heating the water up and it was having little effect. When my boyfriend returned home, he noticed how hot I felt so we’ve been sat on the balcony trying to cool down (which has worked a little) but I’m expecting a very unpleasant evening.

My funny rash also flared up this evening, so I’ve had another antihistamine. Just got to wait for it to take effect.

I really want to get through this and not cause any more damage. I want to make it to Saturday so I can discuss with my Chinese doctor – see if he can help again. I feel like every time I’m so close to having my hands getting to a good stage something like this happens and it all goes back to being horrid.

I’m still going to stick at the Chinese stuff, I think I need to give it more time. After all, he’s trying to balance me out and fix the problem – not offer a temporary solution.  I might ask about acupuncture.

For those who suffer – how do you cope with the mental conflict of not scratching? Do you sometimes feel a little insane like me?!