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Friday 25th June 2010

25 Jun

I made it through last night in fact I slept pretty well and only had a bit of rubbing. Today has been hard as it’s been really hot, so i’ve been trying to keep myself cool.

I have a few blisters on my right hand, which is disappointing – I was hoping they’d be gone this week. I had a bit of an itchy patch when I got home after work, I tried really hard not to break the skin but I think I have in some small areas. It was all too much and I wasn’t strong enough not to scratch. Sometimes I justify it to myself – like when you’re trying not to eat cakes, you’ve gone a whole day without one so you deserve one small one right? Well, its like that with the scratching. Except it’s really bad!

You can see the improvements to my thumb from the last image a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve also got another hand cream (because the store was out of simple) called Aveeno. They have an intensive dry range, which I might give a go after this one. It’s quite nice on my skin, but it always feel nice when you try something new.

Well, its off to the doctors tomorrow – we’ll see what he says and what new combination I get!