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24th November 2011

24 Nov



4.45am wake up. I feel really hot and webs of hands very very itchy. Trying and failing not to scratch. I’ve applied barrier cream but the itchiness is overwhelming. Skin in the webs of my fingers is now red, broken and weepy.

Stomach feels really gurgly. Only over an hour until my alarm. 😦

1st October 2009

1 Oct

Today I am super miserable. My hands are very sore and very itchy and nothing seems to be helping them. I woke up at 2am this morning, hot and very itchy so I tried really hard not to scratch (as they’re currently very sore and the skin is raw) so I smothered them in cream, put on the gloves, separated my hands….nothing would stop the itching. My other trick is to plunge them into cold water for a few minutes until my hands get so cold they almost feel numb, but this only lasted for a few minutes until the itching was back again. It is like some kind of lengthy torture…

I had to take picture on my iphone today, so they’re not that great but as  you can see there is far more redness on the fingers. Today I am signing up to my company’s BUPA scheme so I can walk into the doctor and as to see a specialist.

Fingers crossed today goes well…