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Doctors Visit no. 1

25 Sep

After waiting 35 minutes, I got to see the doctor. She said my hands were very sore and that it is something I have come into contact with that has caused this to happen. As this was the case, I asked if it was possible to have an allergy test (one of those common 100 products type) but was told that ‘you’re allergic to everything! too many things to test’ and she told me to think hard and work it out myself. I can’t be too mad, it’s what I expected.

So I have been given the following to try…

  • Calmurid Hc Cream – Steroid cream, for when it’s not so sore.
  • Fluocinolone and Neomycin Cream – Steroid creamm, to use twice a day no
  • Oilatum Shower Gel – to replace my current one.
  • Urea Cream – the current stuff I’m using to act as a barrier and when my hands are dry.

She has also suggested I invest in my Simple soap for at work, so I don’t use the generic handwash.  Just awaiting payday and off I go to the pharmasist!