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Thursday 24th September 2009

24 Sep

First picture post. I took some photographs this morning, which turns out is fairly tricky when you’re taking photos of your own hands! This won’t win any competitions but hopefully you can see the areas that are affected. I’ll try and get some close up photos of the skin so you can see they type of eczema it is (have been told it might be atopic).

I have a theory that alcohol might aggravate it.  Last night I had a large glass of wine and about 2am this morning I woke up as I was scratching my hands so hard in my sleep they started to weep and bleed. I tried so hard to stop scratching, I tried rubbing it and pinching it (I read this is a good last resort if you really can’t stop), dousing it in cream and trying to keep my hands away from each other so that I couldn’t scratch them.  It’s such a hard thing to do, I know scratching them makes them a lot worse but sometimes it itches so much there is nothing that satisfies it other than a little scratch or brush against a rough surface. ….

I’m currently trying a new cream, recommended by the pharmacist – it’s called Eucerine and I’m using the 10% intensive stuff. I usually have E45 to hand but this seems to be a lot less greasy but it comes at a price.

Due to the painful evening of itching, I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. Ideally I’d like to be referred to a specialist…will update tomorrow on doctor outcome and skin progress.