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12th June 2010

12 Jun

I’ve been seeing the Chinese doctor for just under a couple of months now. I was getting some really good progress and a few weeks ago I had a bit of a set back and my skin got a little worse. We’ve been trying different herbs, depending on the symptons and today I just got some really strong ones!

I have a problem with being too hot – sometimes I can wake up in the early hours burning hot and desperate to cool down.  The new herbs are stronger and he’s trying to cool me down!

I’ve been a little worried with a feeling of sickness I’ve been getting. I think it might be the herbs, they’re not the best taste and I think sometimes they can leave me feeling a bit sick. Not to the point where I would ever throw up, but enough to give me that mild feeling of nausea.

The doctor suggested I watch out about 10 days before my period – see if my conditions get worse.

Other things I’m trying that you might want to try yourself…

  • Sea Salt Baths – As I dont live by the sea, I’ve got some sea salt (the organic stuff) as my doctor said this is very good for skin. I mix some into a bowl and soak my hands for about ten minutes (have something on hand to keep you occupied!) This works really nicely when I want to scratch – it helps for a good couple of hours.
  • Flaxseed Oil (Linseed) – I’ve just ordered some capsules. I’ve heard they’re good for skin conditions (and they have a whole heap of other benefits too) so I’ll let you know how these go.
  • Homemade Creams – Depending on where you stuffer with your eczema, these creams looks lovely. She’s made some for washing your hair to treating your dry areas. Psoriasis and Eczema recipes.

Today’s image is my thumb – this is actually the main problem area, which even as bad as it is, I only need to look back a month and remember how much of an improvement this is.