The skin cracks 

18 Aug

After the first bit clearing up, I’ve now developed a second bit. 

A spilt on the skin between the last two digits. One of those annoying spots where you don’t realise how much the skin needs to flex until it’s sore. 

Not much I can do. Just trying to be wary of it and keep it hydrated. 

The heat and my skin. 

22 Jul

After this influx of very hot weather, it looks like my skin is flairing up again 😠

Only on my left hand but you can see the blisters have started to pop. It’s getting very itchy and there is some weeping. I hope I’ll be able to keep this under control and it won’t get too bad. 

We haven’t had weather this warm for a long time, so I’m just not used to it


21 Jul

I have decided to arrange an appointment with a dietician. I know my skin is linked to my digestion and I haven’t quite figured that all out yet. I no longer live near my old Chinese doctor so this is the next step. 

I’ve gone for a dietician and not a nutritionist. Why? Because anyone can call themselves a nutritionist! Dieticians train and give out advise based on research and science. 

Will update on progress. 

antihistamine tablets

11 Mar


I’m not sure if anyone else has discovered this but I find some brands work faster and for longer than others.  Antihistamine tablets are pretty expensive when you need them regularly so I’ve triedvarious brands include supermarket own brands (these tend to start around 50p for 7).  However, the only one that seems to work quickly for me is Piriteze followed by Zirtex.

Does anyone else find a difference in brands?

Skin writing / dermograpism

26 Nov


Here is an example of the skin writing /dermograpism that I get. This is a few minutes after scratching. The skin gets really itchy and scratching it feels sooo good!

24th November 2011

24 Nov



4.45am wake up. I feel really hot and webs of hands very very itchy. Trying and failing not to scratch. I’ve applied barrier cream but the itchiness is overwhelming. Skin in the webs of my fingers is now red, broken and weepy.

Stomach feels really gurgly. Only over an hour until my alarm. 😦


10 Nov


Argh, it is so annoying and itchy. I couldn’t hold off any longer and just had a mad scratching session. Lots of white bumps on my skin now.

1st November 2011 22:43

1 Nov

I wanted an early night given my disturbed sleep previously. I’ve taken an antihistamine but the dermograpism is not going away. My back is covered in raised, white bumps where I just couldn’t resist and scratched it.

I’ve had a brown door green sachet today. I’ve had a upset stomach this evening o I might just try one half brown sachet tomorrow and see how that goes.

I’m also really hot. The warm bath might not have helped but it did sort out my itchy skin initially! Just wish I could fall asleep….

1st November 2011

1 Nov



02:30. Woken up very hot. Hands are really itchy. Trying not to scratch and have covered them in cream. Trying to distract myself from the urge to scratch as the skin is broken and sore.

My hands started getting bad again about a month ago. I wasn’t really taking any more herbs following the previous success. I’ve had a dose in October and need to order more. Unfortunately I’ve moved away from Bristol so have to do it all via email.

Dr Zhu – Bristol, UK

15 Nov

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